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Design, Manufacture , Installation, commissioning and support of information systems in the context of diverse IT Production of electronic kiosks , and web kiosks Kioskbank with 30 models, and related software

About Adran Computer

Why Adran Computer?

ADRAN COMPUTER company was established in 2003 (1382) with the goals of design,manufacture,installation,support,diverse systems of information and banking kiosks.By the grace of god and relying on the experience of its managers and staffs we produced 30 models of electronic kiosks and installed them in more than 1000 branches of banks and 2000 in governmental ministries and private companies.We did it by using the knowledge and technical experts and innovation and with help of R&D of knowledge based products solutions .We could finally provide copmrensive prooducts in the field of it & ict.Adran was the first company in iran that could produce cashless ATM in 2004 so we could established our kiosk band and our control monitoring product of knowledge based.

Support at any time and place

Documentation and training

Providing documentation and periodic on-site training

Remote Support

Remote support by our experts on various parameters.

Update and maintain

See the software update and other matters relating to the maintenance of the products in place

ADRAN COMPUTER support unit managers and staff with commitment and determination of the quality policy with respect to the following topics began his career in 1382

May not post support requests online and accountability is provided by our experts in the fastest time possible

Online Support

About Our Products

What is Kiosk Bank?

KIOSK BANK (Cashless ATM) as one of the most effective and most cost- banking tools offer new services , such as ATM device with the exception of paying with a lot of hardware and secure software.

Kiosk is not only limited to banking kiosks and other uses is as Follows . Gift card issuing kiosk , kiosk charging wallet citizenship, information kiosks , advertising and exhibition stalls , kiosks, Internet kiosks bilateral ordering food , bus ticketing kiosk , kiosk on the payroll , issuing a boarding pass kiosk , kiosk and charging issuing electronic tickets , Urban and places of tourist kiosk , payment kiosk , kiosk waste

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