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November 8, 2016

Ms.Khavazi formal interview with the international magazine Global woman


Maryam Khavazi was born in 1964 and same as the decade she was born she is full of hope, love for the homeland and building the future.. Her childhood was in a warm and friendly family in Mashhad and passed through that environment she learned many valuable lessons that fight for her demand, build her future have perseverance and love to work are some of the most important of them
After years of hope and peril of revolution and war, she is now a young woman with her own special perseverance and obstinacy would pass all barriers to enter the university and managed to get BA degree in Russian language from Tehran University. The reconstruction following the war and the need to attend all men and women for building the future and prosperity of her country Led her to the field of Labor and Social Affairs. But this was not an easy matter to go through and a it was like fighting in the war. She started working in the IT field and after 11 years he started his own company in the field of designing and producing different type of kiosk system like bank kiosk, information kiosk, advertising and… she see the knowledge as a guide of her activities and thus got a master’s degree in MBA.
Adran Computer company have twelve years of product knowledge and management by a team of highly qualified young people who gathered in the shadow of Her wing which made great strides in the field of domestic production and bank kiosk. The sweetest and most meaningful achievement after these effort receiving award of the best entrepreneur in ICT industry and industrial software in national production – national glory festival celebration in 2011-12, and award of woman job creator in the national entrepreneur congress in TCT in 2012-13.
After all she started to empower other women in his country and transfer all his experience to them and now she is CEO and board membership of national association of women entrepreneur. Maryam Khavazi is still full of hope for the future, and now has strong support of experience with her and in different areas of work, women, charity, etc., works with love, knowledge and confidence and also gives hope to others.
I learned that the sky colour is everywhere
Attendance at the meeting was a good experience and useful to hear the experiences of women entrepreneurs, especially from China and youth entrepreneur panels, sharing ideas and comparing Iranian women entrepreneurs with their counterparts in the world. I learned that the sky colour is everywhere. Women around the world have faced many hardships to get their rights and that personal development is going the way of sustainable development. Our ambition for the next five years is to develop and promote entrepreneurship and self-employment for women, and young girls who are college graduates. Through networking we can we highlight the role of women in our country. My aspiratons now are to be a model for new entrepreneurs. and to increase the participation rate of women in Iran.

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