Adran computer company was established in 2003 (1382) with the goals of design,manufacture,installation,support,diverse systems of information and banking the grace of god and relying on the experience of its managers and staffs we produced 30 models of electronic kiosks and installed them in more than 1000 branches of banks and 3000 in governmental ministries and private companies.we did it by using the knowledge and technical experts and innovation and with help of R&D of knowledge based products solutions .we could finally provide copmrensive prooducts in the field of it & ict.Adran was the first company in iran that could produce cashless ATM in 2004 so we could established our kioskbank and our control monitoring product of knowledge based.

Some of our efforts and superior service that we emphasized are:

  • Transparency and honesty in speech and behavior
  • Respecting the needs of customers
  • Initiative and efforts in offering efficient products and solutions
  • Provide after-sales service warranty throughout the country based of our agents
  • Providing products according to customer needs
  • Taking advantage of good quality and responsible for implementation of commitments
  • Has a production license from the Ministry of Industry, Mine and Trade
  • Certified Fanap and TUSAN
  • Rank 3 in the production and presentation of peripheral devices ( casheless atm )
  • More than 30 different models and functional
  • Has an active research and development
  • Analysis, design and construction of the systems ordered by customers
  • Presence in the country's governmental organizations and banks

According to the aspirations and hopes is to build the future based on the latest achievements of information technology.


Leadership in Innovation and Entrepreneurship in IT to maintain professional ethics and to behave honestly and transparently provide the service to promote balanced and sustainable


Production , project implementation and service delivery in the field of software and hardware

Provide service to organizations aimed at saving time and costs in order to reduce air pollution

Revenue and profit by maintaining ethical values

Cooperation and collaboration with their colleagues in order to calm and balanced life

Contribute to culture in the field of : honoring customers , the environment , the widespread use of e-commerce and online banking.

Social Responsibility

  • Co-Founder and charity assistance to cancer patients Mahyar
  • A member of the Board of Women Entrepreneurs
  • Board member of the National Network of NGOs
  • Active and environmentally-friendly

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