Charging kiosk wallet

Charging Kiosk wallet citizenship:

Electronic wallet product is almost one of the country’s banks have tried to provide inpatient services in a secure and fast electronic micro- payments to the holders of the purse give new possibilities .

Among its features is that in all your daily micro payments ranging from daily purchases of Shopping charged mobile phone , pay the fare public transportation ( subway , taxi and bus ) , parking meters and public parking facilities are available

E-wallet payments much longer in public transport systems as a means of payment used to be
The main purpose of micro- payments wallet allows you to perform quick and eliminates the problem of unavailability of cash for banks such as people and business currently provide this service

Features electronic wallet

Take daily micro payments Ability to integrate with the ability to accept credit cards and network acceleration

Take advantage of authentication as ID cards The ability to store information and Scoring Usability as Ben corporate cards Ability to use as a discount card

Areas of application:

Public transportation ( subway , bus, taxi , bicycle, … Services between urban areas ( trains , buses , intercity effects and … Park Service areas and parking ( roadside ( parking meters ) , public parking , private parking , terminal, cinemas , shopping malls , libraries and … Cultural areas ( theater , cinema , exhibition, library and … Recreation and sports areas (pools , gyms, recreational resorts and … Shopping wisdom ( newsstands ,

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