Information kiosk

Information Kiosk :

Today, information kiosks , as an indispensable tool used to serve the people . Useful information , complete and diversity without the use of human resources available to the clients in the same place . Information kiosks can be used in airports , subway stations , terminals, offices, banks and other public places to install them Information kiosk requires a robust system hardware and software , dynamic yet secure and is with great capabilities . Adran computer company web kiosk made of metal and industrial designs and colors 1/5 mill furnace , the construction of more than 30 model is suitable for every taste . And the implementation of the standard package software allowed the company to optimize utilization and more users of the system to cherish it.

Promotional information based on the needs of the possible notification of personnel , follow-up letters , surveys, connect to the Internet and Intranet , etc. and with connections to the customer database ( Secretariat , attendance , etc.) and information packages Adran, able to provide information to clients .

Information kiosk hardware features:

Promotional information in the most basic way possible, with the body , computers, monitors and touch and devices like keyboard (ordinary, industrial , pin pad), printers (80 mm and A4), a variety of terminals , a variety of barcode reader, camera , POS, phone , fingerprints , etc

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