Kiosk advertising and exhibitions

Kiosk advertising and exhibitions :

Booths equipped with monitors with dimensions of “22,” 32, “42,” 46 and for advertising and providing comprehensive information to people. Offering kiosk with large monitors consider the possibility of providing information and advertising center to a greater extent people are kiosk advertising in airports, shopping malls, hotels, etc. in matters such as routing, city information, surveys and more. … work kiosks in operations, such as chain stores, shopping malls, stock, airports, banks and financial institutions, , routing, advertising, training centers, libraries, and communications companies, call centers and public relations, news boards, theaters, museums, stadiums

Advertising kiosk hardware feature hardware designs

It kiosks to the body , with dimensions of 20 -inch monitors and touch -up , the computer and keyboard are provided based on the customer’s order is required to install parts .

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