Cashless ATM system Adran:

CashlessATM as one of the most effective and most cost-effective banking services tool
Both new devices such as ATMs to pay the high capability of the hardware exception
And secure software , in addition to providing banking services special advantage that can service all

As well as various value-added services , gift cards and charge to be added to the wallet …..

• Information of inventory and account balances
• sightings and printing bills
• Announce Card Balance
• card to card money transfer
• Transfer of funds to themselves or others ACCOUNTS

• transfer of funds from sub accounts
• Transfer funds via Satna and reliable
• Pay bills ( with bar codes, ID and ID bill payment)
• Change the password first card
• Change and set the second card
• Blocking card
• Loan payments

Get the code at night.
• issuance of gift cards by selecting the desired texts and the amount of interest
• Service value-added services ( purchase of tickets and charging mobile service )
• To buy , renew and recharge vCard
• Internet service bank
• Provide Information Service
• Broadcast Advertising
Ability to update and configuration and control of the central system
• Send reports to a central system
• The software is compatible with standard NPC, ISO8583
• Supports TCP-IP protocol based on standard

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