Wireless queue system

Intelligent queue system:

Queue systems appropriate way to regulate and avoid wasting time and energy in busy centers such as banks, tourist offices , medical centers , law enforcement agencies and is electronic .
The latest generation of system -queue , queue wireless system (Wireless) is that no other noise in electronic equipment provide its services . Application and its advantages over other systems is as follows :

• Quick and easy installation due to the need for wiring , plumbing
• No limit on the number of branches
• Ability to define user shifts
• reporting facilities
• Report the moment the number of people in the queue for customers
• No need for PC
• protected against power fluctuations and electrical radiation
• Possible client referrals from one queue to another queue
• the possibility of calling an arbitrary number
• No interference if installing multiple systems in one place
• Ability to create custom dimensions and frame
• Ability to define a queue for a few booths
• automatic disconnection in time with the music turns

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