Monitoring Control System

Monitoring Control System:

In general when a number of similar equipment are installed on a network and need the same activities are responsible for monitoring control system . With the mounting sense of control monitoring on the set Support costs , manage , update and report comes down heavily at the same time is extremely high rate of speed and security . The remarkable thing is that a monitoring system should have a flexible design and low costs
and this is something that has been considered in the design of control system monitoring Aderan .

Features and Control System Monitoring
• Ability to install remote
• Use professional graphics elements
• MVC architecture
• Establishing communication network security through two-way SSL protocol
• Status Monitoring feature kiosks and related hardware
• Supports a variety of hardware
• data encryption , and compliance with all standards in the field of banking
• the possibility of grouping devices ( clients ) based on different definitions and group management
• The level of user access control software monitoring capabilities
• Ability to run scheduled operations
• Ability to manage files and timing of advertising campaigns per terminal
• Locate an authorized and reliable list and black list of unauthorized applications
• Prepare various reports from different terminals and output
• Ability to set and apply a configurable options on the device side programs (including programs kiosk)
• Ability to control a display device to sneakily
• Remote Desktop to establish three technology VNC, RDP and AVNC
• Ability to Remove Program / Add on remote machines as a group

• Ability to display complete information hardware and software installed on the device.

Processor and memory specifications and operating system name and version to printer status or demographic profile of the group and the comparison received from different machines
• Ability to launch or stop Windows services on devices ( as a group )
• Processes running Windows capable of displaying on the display device
• Ability to send and receive files for timing and compression when transferring files
• Ability to define and display and Windows users on the device to a group,
• log management terminals and retrieve log files periodically logs as well as search and reporting
• Ability to send control commands , such as Restart , and Shutdown
• Ability to enable and disable time display on the remote client
• Ability to define and change the basic information , each kiosk
• alarm management and alarm determination and …
• Supports standard

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