One of the units is now Adran computer support unit for all matters related to prevention of downtime, upgrades and repairs, installation, training, operation and maintenance of their products that doing so based on Standard hardware and network support process. Since prevention is always Better and easier than cure , according to Adran company has attracted support unit. Provide a proper planning to prevent Problems, the first step requires specific information that it can provide the documentation computers.

The main activities Hardware Support Unit Adran:
  • Support and periodic visits from kiosks installed
  • Support Software Installed
  • Research and development in the field of optimization and customer support
  • Information on the devices installed
  • Surveys of the services and support provided
  • Paring response time and time troubleshooting
  • Respect for the views and suggestions of our customers and their opinions
  • Check customers' needs and providing technical advice in the field of hardware updates related to information technology

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